The success of a company lies in having employees with potential. Hand picking the talent required for your business is a tough task. Employers recruit using different modes such as campus drives, posting advertisements on websites and in newspapers, referrals, on social media and through direct interviews. Among these, recruiting through referring is being considered the best mode of hiring.

Connecting organizations with top-quality candidates is Opencloud Communications Limited’s business.

What makes Opencloud Communications Limited different is the way in which we take extraordinary care about placing the right people in the right jobs.

Our success is our people and our mission is delivering excellence to individuals, businesses and communities.

We take great pride in delivering our widely acclaimed Customer Service/Telemarketing Training; our well trained agents will take your business to the next level.

Our trained executives are Tertiary degree holders with various educational backgrounds. By virtue of their training with us, they embrace continuous learning, have a high performance-centric attitude and strive for excellence while ensuring that the goals of their employer companies are met and surpassed.


  • By far recruiting through referral is considered the most successful and cost efficient method of recruiting
  • It brings down the recruitment expenditure.
  • Can help you find the candidates with the exact specializations you are seeking for.
  • The method speeds up the recruitment process.
  • Cutback in attrition rate.
  • The quality of candidates is high.
  • Employees hired in this mode join the job quicker than others, so if the hiring is urgent then this is the best process of hiring.
  • Studies show that referral hires have more job satisfaction and stay longer in these jobs
  • Working with our trained executives is a value added package and an opportunity to acquire the best the society can offer at absolutely no cost (I.E. FREE OF SERVICE CHARGE) to your company, thereby saving you the voluminous cost and time that can be incurred in a tedious recruitment process. And we DO NOT have any post-employment fee agreement with our trainees.

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