Customer Service & Telemarketing Training

Customer Service And Telemarketing Training, Customized Sales Training Programs

Opencloud Communications Limited provides a wide range of customer service training programs for staff dealing with customers in person or on the telephone. Topics can include customer relations, methods, processes and dealing with angry and upset customers.

Some may wish to develop practical skills. Some participants may need assistance in handling complex transactions or dealing with difficult customers.

Others may have the practical service skills. Their organization may be embarking on a major quality or service improvement program, and staff needs to be informed of the new direction. Their participation may be required. At the end of the training period, staff will be full and active participants in the new program and direction.

Good customer care depends on staff acting with professionalism and self-confidence. This course will help new staff to practice good customer care and is an enjoyable refresher for more experienced front line staff.

In this certificate program, you will develop the skills you need to begin as an entry level Call Center Representative or Customer Service/ Sales Representative. You will learn what these jobs entail and develop a working knowledge of selling, team playing, keyboarding and effective communication. You will get a solid grounding in job expectations, and you will learn interviewing techniques and resume/cover letter preparation.

A variety of approaches can be used to design training that meets the diversity of training needs described above.

Over 15 Years of Customer Service and Telemarketing Training Experience for Businesses in Nigeria, America, Philippines and India
Our Customer Service and telemarketing training programs are designed for you. Our telemarketing training programs will help you reach all of your goals and objectives.
We know what’s successful and what isn’t. We will help your identify your representatives weaknesses and make those weaknesses become strengths.
Telemarketing is not only a powerful tool, but it a frequently a misused tool. With custom scripting and training your telemarketing will become very fruitful.
No matter if your business’ goal is appointment generation or telephone sales, the tools taught at the telemarketing sales program will help you yield those results.
Asking the Right Questions is Only Part of the Telemarketing Process

By asking the right questions you are putting your foot in the door, but by no means have you solved the puzzle. To be successful, you need to understand the answers to those questions you ask and use the information given to close properly.

Each customized telemarketing training program will give you the tools required to build rapport and a longer-term relationship. Participants will gain the required listening skills to spot and get all the answer. They will additionally be able to spot the “hot buttons” or important factors that are necessary to close.

Objectives of CUSTOMER SERVICE and TELEMARKETING TRAINING Program for Your Business

This custom program is structured to create effective telemarketing sales habits that will give your staff the required information to help close the prospect efficiently and effectively.

We Provide Industry Specific Sales Training.

Our team has more than 15 years of experience creating industry specific sales training programs. We have performed sales training programs throughout the world. Our programs are designed for both businesses and individuals, which enables us to focus on specific strengths and weaknesses.

Our customized sales training courses utilize proven methods that are successful not only in Philadelphia, but throughout the world. By tailoring our training for every client, we ensure that you get the most out of the program and thus have your sales numbers increase!

Our Highly Interactive and Customized Sales Training Programs Will Improve Sales for Your Business

Our sales training program includes, but is not limited to all of the following:

  • Role playing exercises that reinforce the items learned to be used in an everyday, real world environment. It allows employees to shape each sales technique to the individual prospects that they are dealing with at the time.
  • Will quickly tailor sales to the prospect’s need and are designed to convert challenging prospects into a sale and making the difficult customer a returning customer
  • Proven customer service methods that are universally successful

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are interested in a career as a Call Center or Customer Service/Sales Representative.

Certificate Completion

By the end of the program, you will be prepared to obtain an entry-level position as a Call Center Representative or Customer Service/ Sales Representative

Delivery Format

Face-to-face classroom setting

Training Time

Will be communicated to participant

Skill Sets

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of what being a call center representative entails
  • Learn to communicate effectively with customers and co-workers to build effective teams
  • Develop telephone skills for outbound and inbound calls
  • Develop customer care and call handling skills
  • Learn to deal with difficult customers and situations
  • Identify opportunities to serve customer needs with products and services
  • Learn fundamentals of personal image and job etiquette
  • Gain insight into managing others and ethical issues
  • Learn the fundamentals of interviewing, resume and cover letters
  • Gain insight into managing others and ethical issues


Access to a Computer

Successful customer service is no longer a matter of mere technical proficiency. Rather, it is a combination of technical expertise, the ability to manage both information and people, and efficient communication. Our Managing Customer Relations/Relationship Building Seminars arms the participants with such skills, and gives all employees powerful new insights into client behavior, in addition to effective tools for creating lasting client satisfaction.

Sales Training Article

Seven Steps to Help Improve Your Overall Sales Success

There are a set of techniques, tips, and ideologies that all successful salespeople do on a daily basis. The level of your sales success frequently is connected with the how successful you are at using these tips.

Seven tips that will help you improve and become the best you can possibly be:

  1. Laying down the marker: Write down that you want to be more successful in sales and act upon your desire. It’s amazing how your overall mindset changes when you write down your desired goal, instead of just thinking it.
  2. Identify your greatest weakness and make it a strength: A great way to improve your overall sales success and improve in your personal life as well is identifying your greatest weakness. By identifying your greatest weakness, you can work on it and develop it into a strength. By being able to do this, your overall mindset will be improved and you’ve greatly enhanced your overall selling ability.
  3. Creating the right work environment: Working around the right group of people greatly improves the quality of your work. Positive people who work hard bring fortha great work environment. Avoid the negative, critical people who complain a lot and bring you down.
  4. Take care of your body: When you’re in good shape, you have more energy. The more energy that you have, the better you sell. People on the phone can feel your energy, when you sound upbeat and energetic you have a much better chance at converting the prospect.
  5. Visualize: Envision yourself as one of the top people in the industry. Imagine yourself performing at your absolute best throughout the whole day. Feed your subconscious, it pays off! Keep on learning and use that intellectual growth to feed your mind and help visualize yourself as being one of the top people in the industry.
  6. Uplifting self-talk: Speak positively to yourself. Speak to yourself in the way that you envision yourself being, instead of how you might be feeling at that moment of the time. Feed yourself positive energy.
  7. Be proactive instead of reactive: Act upon what you want to achieve on a daily basis. Grab the bull by the horns, do what you need to do to be more successful. Successful salespeople are driven by actions, they are proactive and take chances- they make things happen rather than let things come to them.

By following these seven tips, your overall sales will improve. All successful people are goal and action oriented, by setting goals and acting upon your goals, your overall sales process will improve.